​​​​2018 Conference Agenda
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Karyn Kameroff

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Pathways to Healing (Cowlitz Tribe)

Halito. Chim Achukma? Sa hoh chvfo vt Karyn Kameroff. Oklahoma Chahta ohoyo sia. Hello. How are you? My name is Karyn Kameroff. I am a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. I use she/her pronouns.
I am the Program Coordinator for Cowlitz Tribe's Pathways to Healing. I am currently working on my clinical licensure for social work and am also employed with CARES NW as Child Abuse Specialist. I recently started my own consulting business working on racial equity, Indigenous issues, and expert witness for Indian Child Welfare cases. I am working towards my Doctorate in Social Work.

I am interested in serving on the Board of Directors for WSCADV as I have a strong interest in bringing awareness to violence and victimization on a state platform, with an emphasis on how it impacts tribal communities. My hope is to implement more prevention programming utilizing traditional Indigenous cultural knowledge.

As an Indigenous Social Worker, I embrace the 3 cornerstones of WSCADV's Theory of Change. I strive to center racial equity in the work I do in the community. I have a deep understanding of the roots of inequity, injustice, and oppression as I have studied these topics academically, have lived experience with them and continue to work both professionally and voluntarily on addressing them. I am committed to moving equity, justice, and liberation forward through education in the community, and participation in legislative advocacy. I will continue to invest financially in Indigenous, Black, and other People of Color communities. At the heart of my beliefs and action, I have come to understand my purpose is to educate through respectful dialog, openness to hearing others, empowerment, and love.